Historic and Listed Building Restoration

Restore and rescue old buildings, properties, and structures with our services for historic and listed building restoration. Validus Construction are experts in old building restoration and deliver high quality, authentic, and accurate results to bring buildings back to life. We’re proud to protect the heritage of all sorts of buildings through our restoration work.

Properties can easily become neglected or naturally deteriorate over time. There are regulations in place to ensure the restoration of historic buildings is done properly without damaging them. Our team of highly experienced and skilled craftsmen can advise on plans and undertake restoration work in line with all relevant laws and regulations.

We use a combination of innovative equipment, modern methods, and traditional techniques to deliver accurate and authentic historic building restoration. Speak to one of our team for more information or learn more about our historical building restoration services below.

Our building restoration services

A building restoration service is any work that returns a property to ‘a known earlier state, on the basis of compelling evidence, without conjecture’ – according to Historic England. There must be compelling evidence for the need for building restoration work. It must respect previous forms of the place, maintain the heritage values of the building, and be sustainable.

The scale of our building restoration services ranges from replacing a missing wall to restoring a roof to a roofless building. While conservation involves the preservation of existing structural elements, building restoration is about returning missing parts (though the lines between repair, restoration, and conservation can become blurred).

Find the right building restoration service for you, as we can provide:


Residential building restoration

We can undertake projects including residential building restoration for individual private properties and larger estates. Our specialist team are experts in the construction, conservation, and restoration of residential properties. We can source suitable stones, assess design plans, and offer solutions to help meet your expectations.

Building restoration work for residential properties includes everything from installing feature walls and patterned flooring to slate roofing where it no longer exists. All sorts of residential buildings can be restored to maintain their historic value and return them to their previous beauty. We can provide residential building restoration for properties including:


Commercial and industrial building restoration

Many old commercial and industrial buildings start to fall apart with age, the impact of the weather over time, and sometimes due to neglect. Commercial and industrial building restoration helps revive such structures and ensure they can continue to be used as initially intended.

Our specialist team are experts in commercial and industrial building restoration. This includes everything from sourcing appropriate materials to advising on plans and designs to ensure everything is in line with relevant regulations. Work includes everything from restoring a collapsed roof to replacing damaged or destroyed flooring.

We can provide commercial and industrial building restoration services for:


York building restoration services

We provide building restoration in York and the surrounding areas to revive all sorts of properties, structures, and assets. The old walled city’s heritage is important to us, which is why we’re passionate about properly restoring buildings across York and the wider county to keep its history and culture alive.

Wherever you have a building restoration project in York or the surrounding towns, villages, and wider Yorkshire region we can help. Our experienced building restoration contractors provide sustainable, legal, and reliable restoration work. Using a York restoration company ensures materials and labour are sourced locally, supporting the community, and cutting emissions, costs, and time.

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