Services we provide

Carpentry for York Buildings

Looking for custom-made furniture or repair works? Our skilled joiners and carpenters can help you with all your needs.

Reviving York's Historic Buildings

Our historic restoration service brings old buildings back to life with a touch of modern technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Stone & Brick: Built to Last

Our team of skilled craftsmen specialize in stonework and brickwork, creating beautiful and durable walls, patios, and fireplaces for your home.

Refresh your space with us!

Our planned maintenance and improvements service keeps your property in top shape, so you can relax and enjoy your space without worry!


Add extensions to historic buildings within limitations, arrange sustainable construction, or simply add a new stone wall to your garden. We combine modern equipment and building methods with time-honoured techniques for characterful construction.

New buildings

Build standalone new properties on restricted sites, close to historic buildings, or with a heritage style. We can advise on consent and legal requirements while using state-of-the-art equipment and traditional methods to create fantastic new buildings.


Revive historic properties and breathe new life into them through a combination of contemporary equipment and techniques with traditional craftsmanship. Our heritage restoration services include Grade I listed buildings in Yorkshire and the surrounding region.


Preserve and safeguard the historical significance and beauty of buildings and their environment with our conservation services. These include masonry conservation and repair, hot lime mortar repointing, and joinery and timberwork conservation.

Planned maintenance and improvements

Stay on top of any potential problems and ensure the upkeep of your buildings, walls, and other constructions with planned maintenance. Schedule regular maintenance work and book improvements at the best time to safeguard York’s history.


Speak with our experts about any heritage restoration, conservation, or construction projects for experienced and reliable advice. We can provide listed building consent advice, help with new builds, maintenance and repairs, and any other plans you have.

Listed and ecclesiastical building repairs

Repair listed buildings, churches, and similar properties while protecting their heritage and environment. Our careful approach and experienced craftsmanship ensure that listed and ecclesiastical building repairs are sensitive and uphold the original character.

Extensions and alterations

Make adjustments to historic buildings and add sustainable extensions that maximise space for older properties. We work carefully and consider the existing structure and surrounding environment for safe, effective, and visually appealing solutions.

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