Listed Building Extensions and Alterations

Extensions and alterations can maximise space, enhance a property’s appearance, and provide other practical improvements. There are regulations in place for extending or altering older properties, such as listed buildings. Before any work begins you’ll need to have good quality plans in place and the correct paperwork.

At Validus Construction we’re experts in heritage building work. We can draw up or assess your existing building extension and alteration plans and advise on appropriate steps. Our team of specialists can then undertake any extension and alteration building work with great levels of care to preserve the historical value of such buildings.

Speak to one of our friendly and expert team about your historical or listed building extension and alteration needs. We can provide a quote and discuss your plans or keep reading to discover everything you need to know about extensions and alterations to older buildings.

Our building extension and alteration services

We can help with every stage of building an extension or making alterations, from the planning phase to putting in the last brick. Start with a consultation for experienced and expert input on whether your plans and designs are feasible. One of our team can discuss and assess your plans to avoid issues in the future.

When it comes to extending a listed building, we combine modern building methods and innovative equipment with traditional craftsmanship techniques. This helps retain the original design elements and character, ensuring all work is completed within the relevant regulations. Our team are specialists in stonemasonry, and hot lime mortar, and work with incredible attention to detail.

Within our building extension and alteration services we can construct, adapt, and convert many areas of your property, including: 


Consent for extensions and alterations

Adding an extension to a building of any type, age, and size often requires planning permission (and sometimes building regulations approval). You can sometimes make alterations without needing special permission, but it’s advisable to have an expert check your plans first. This avoids damaging the structural integrity of the property.

With older, historic, and listed buildings you must have listed building consent before making any alterations or adding extensions. This is required when any work could impact the character or appearance of a listed building (such as a building of special architectural or historic interest).

You can apply for listed building consent through your local planning authority before any work starts. We can help you through the process and offer a consultation on your plans to improve their chances of approval. Extensions and alterations to a listed building without consent is a criminal offence and individuals can face prosecution.

Extensions to listed buildings in York

At Validus Construction we’re based in the historic walled city of York and provide alterations and extensions to listed buildings and other heritage properties. Preserving the historical and cultural value of residential, commercial, and industrial buildings across the city and wider Yorkshire region through successful building extensions and alterations is our priority.

Our highly experienced team can look at any plans for extending a listed building or altering an old warehouse to ensure they’re compliant, sustainable, and effective. We can help with the designs, approval, and complete the required building work. Using modern and traditional methods ensures we maintain the character and authenticity of such significant buildings.

As a local company, we take great pride in preserving York’s fantastic heritage through our work. Our experienced team know the city well and we try to source materials locally where possible. Using a local construction firm also reduces time, money, and the carbon footprint for any building alterations or extensions.

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Speak to one of our friendly and expert team about your building extensions and alterations. We’re happy to discuss your plans over the phone or you can contact us online for a quote, or further information, or to arrange a call back at a convenient time. Our experts can advise on your plans and the best next steps.



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