Listed and Ecclesiastical Building Repairs

Regular maintenance helps keep listed and ecclesiastical buildings, such as old churches, in good condition. However, damage, weather effects, and deterioration over time can mean repairs are required to prolong and preserve the life of these culturally significant properties. At Validus Construction we can provide all sorts of listed and ecclesiastical building repairs.

More time, planning, and effort goes into repairing listed and ecclesiastical buildings compared to most other modern homes and properties. This is to ensure any work is carried out legally, sustainably, and without significantly affecting its character or appearance. Listed building consent from your local planning authority may be required.

We can advise on your planned repairs and whether you need consent for any type of listed or ecclesiastical building. Speak to one of our friendly and expert team to discuss your repairs or find out more on this page.

Our listed and ecclesiastical building repair services

Find a solution to help preserve any listed or ecclesiastical building with our extensive repair services. First, we’ll assess the types of repairs you have planned and advise on whether it’s the right course of action. This includes informing you of any required consent or regulations that cover your building and the repairs.

Then we’ll provide a quote and if you’re happy with the price we’ll book your listed building repairs. These can range from small jobs such as fixing a few floor tiles to large repairs like a complete roof restoration. Our experienced and expert team can carry out all sorts of repair services, including:


Grade I, II and II* listed building repairs

We offer grade I and grade II listed building repairs for all types, sizes, and ages of properties. Our expert team can advise on and undertake repair work on residential, commercial, and industrial buildings within all regulations. The range of repairs can vary depending on the property’s condition.

Our team are highly experienced in working on the construction, conservation, and repair of many buildings with historical significance. We’re specialists in many types of repairs for listed and ecclesiastical buildings, such as:


Listed building consent

The Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) Act 1990 regulates the condition of listed buildings across the UK. Any alterations or extensions to a listed building that may affect its character or appearance must have listed building consent from your local planning authority. This can include some listed building repairs.

Unauthorised work on a listed building is a criminal offence and individuals can be prosecuted. Any work carried out without listed building consent may be reversed, which incurs extra time and money. Building owners can also struggle to sell listed buildings where unauthorised changes have been made.

At Validus Construction we can advise on when listed building consent is required for any repairs. Enjoy peace of mind that all repairs to your listed and ecclesiastical buildings are made legally with all relevant paperwork as proof. This ensures you, the building and its heritage value are protected.

Listed and ecclesiastical building conservation in York

From our base in the historic city of York, we can provide listed and ecclesiastical building repairs across the wider Yorkshire county. Preserving the heritage, history, and cultural value of listed residential, commercial, religious, and industrial buildings is our passion and area of expertise.

We have a highly experienced team of experts that combine modern equipment and methods with traditional techniques to make sustainable and successful repairs. All work is carried out by professionals to an incredibly high standard, protecting the appearance and structure of any historic building.  

Using Validus Construction for listed and ecclesiastical building repairs and conservation in York saves time, and money, and supports the local community. We source most materials from Yorkshire with a team of specialists based in the region with incredible knowledge and passion for preserving historic buildings across the county.

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