Heritage Building Consultation

Looking after historic, heritage, and older buildings comes with a lot of responsibility. In many cases, you can’t simply start making repairs, building an extension, or replacing window frames. There are strict regulations you must adhere to for any plans and work on listed buildings and other properties with historical significance.

Before any work is carried out on listed, historical, and heritage buildings, expert consultation must be undertaken. This ensures any planned construction, repairs, restoration, and other work will be done safely, sustainably, and in line with all relevant regulations. It protects you and your building and any associated cultural heritage.

At Validus Construction we’re experts in heritage, historical, and older buildings. Our team of experienced experts can provide consultation on a wide range of areas related to construction, repairs, alterations, and more. Talk to one of our team and arrange a consultation or learn more about heritage building consultation on this page.

Our consultation services

The team of experienced experts at Validus Construction can provide advice on all things to do with listed, heritage, and historical buildings. We draw from years of industry experience and knowledge to help ensure any planned building work is safe, sustainable, efficient, and follows relevant rules and regulations.

We tailor consultations based on the specific needs of your building – however little or large your project. For example, we can advise on minor repair work such as fixing broken timber window frames, as well as larger work like restoring a roof on an old farmhouse or church. Advice can also be offered for more than one job at the same time.

Consultations are available for:


Residential and commercial building consultation

Our consultation services cover all stages of historical building preservation – from initial listed building applications to restoration work. We can provide consultancy services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties with heritage value. After providing consultation we can also arrange for any work to be carried out by our experienced and expert team.

The range of consultation services for residential and commercial buildings includes:


  • Historic building condition surveys – analysis of a building’s construction and condition to identify any recommended repairs, restoration, and conservation work. We use surveys, photography, and other recordings to compile these.
  • Detailed analysis of materials – to determine physical, geological, and environmental conditions (such as measuring moisture levels in stonework). This is vital to ensure any planned work can be carried out safely.
  • Conservation appraisals of historic buildings – to provide historical context and the significance of any older buildings, as well as advice about their future potential.
  • Inspection of materials and workmanship – an impartial, rigorous, and detailed inspection of all building materials and craftsmanship at the start, during, and after any project. This ensures all historic assets are maintained for future generations.
  • Planning and listed building applications – assistance with the process, such as providing conservation reports and assessments.

Building consultation in York

All our consultation services come from the Validus Construction headquarters in the historic city of York. We can advise and discuss heritage buildings across the wider Yorkshire region though, both in person and over the phone. This provides a quick and convenient solution that easily slots in with your schedule.

We’re proud to provide expert building consultation services to residents and property owners across York and the wider Yorkshire county. Maintaining the rich history and heritage of York through expert building consultation, conservation, and construction services is at the heart of everything we do. Preserving this for future generations is vital.

Contact us today

Get in touch with our expert and friendly team if you’re interested in any type of building consultation. You can contact us online or over the phone to book a consultation at a time and place that suits you. We can advise on what you’ll need and the best next steps to take.


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I was thoroughly impressed by the quality and attention to detail that this construction company brought to their heritage and conservation projects in York.

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